faq - frequently asked questions

Have a question for us? You can send us an email! We will send you a personal reply within 2 hours. Before you do though, you might want to first check below for an answer in our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What advantages does The Freight Forwarding Company offer when it comes to international shipping?
2. What special forms or documents are needed most often when exporting?
3. Do I need cargo insurance and can you provide a cargo insurance quote for my shipment?
4. What overseas shipping services does the Freight Forwarding Company offer?
5. Should we let our supplier/vendor handle the transportation of our freight?
6. Does The Freight Forwarding Company provide air freight forwarding?
7. How much cargo will a 20' shipping container hold?
8. As a global shipping company, what various options do you provide?
9. Why do you require dimensions and weights to get a rate quote for LCL or air freight shipments?